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Mother of Murder Victim Speaks Out

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It's been nearly three months since the body of 24-year-old Megan Sharpton was discovered, still burning, on the side of a country road in Franklin County, Tennessee. For Megan's mother, Kelly Sharpton, the past three months have been a never-ending nightmare.

"The hole that is left in your heart is unfillable. It's endless," says Sharpton.

Sharpton says her daughter was lured to a phony job interview for a home health aide. She says her daughter was excited about the opportunity. But instead of the job Megan was dreaming of, Sharpton says her daughter was raped repeatedly, beaten to death and then set on fire. Autopsy results show Megan died of blunt force trauma to the head.

Megan's mother says her grief will never end. But she says the pain is made worse knowing the man she believes is responsible is free to roam the streets of her community. She says despite a mountain of evidence, the Franklin County District Attorney has yet to file charges.

"I would like for him to update me and let me know that my daughter still matters and he doesn't seem to think she is as important as I do," she says.

Over the weekend, Sharpton says that the man she believes stole her daughter's life made a bold move that has frozen her family in fear.

"This person of interest changed the game," she says.

Sharpton says the man threatened her family last Friday at the Tullahoma High School football game. Two days later, she says her mother discovered bullet holes in a sign outside her home.

"It was deliberate. It was bold. It's supposed to intimidate us but it doesn't. It just fuels our fire and we will fight for Megan," she says.

Now, she fears the man will strike again. If that happens, she says Megan's death will have been in vain.

"It can't happen again. My child cannot die in vain. She's got to be the one that stops this and if anybody can, Megan would," she says.

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