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Top 9@9 for September 20, 2012

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1. A jogger struck by a car this morning in Madison County later died at the hospital. We're told heavy fog played a part in the accident.

2. The mother of a murder victim in Franklin County, TN says a person of interest in the case is harassing her family. She says the County's District Attorney should have already made an arrest.

3. Huntsville police are investigating an early morning shooting that sent two men to the hospital. It happened around 3:45 at a home in the 200 block of Salem Drive. The men, both in their 40s were not critically injured.

4. A judge says he will make a ruling by Monday on a yard declared a public nuisance. James Hessler's attorney filed a motion to block the city of Huntsville from clearing his lot in five points because he says it's a certified wildlife refuge and is home to federally protected birds.

5. A small earthquake was felt near the Alabama state line Northeast of Fort Payne. The 2.0 magnitude quake hit at 10:02 Wednesday night. It was too small to be felt.

6. Lines for the iPhone 5 were forming Thursday morning. The new phone goes on sale Friday morning.

7. A dramatic rescue by Texas police was caught on tape. The crash happened early Monday morning in Texas when a police officer risked his life to push a woman to safety when a van struck a police car sending it spinning.

8. A Colorado man was awarded more than $7.2 million after coming down with a condition known as popcorn lung. Wayne Watson says his lungs were damaged by inhaling the fumes of a compound used in the two bags of butter flavored popcorn he ate every day.

9. Scientists say it's chemicals in your brain that make chocolate so irresistible. The urge to overeat sweet and fatty treats traces to a part of the brain and its production of a natural opium like chemical.

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