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Top 9@9 for September 18, 2012

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1. There was light turnout for Alabama's single issue election. Voters decided to take 437 million dollars out of a state trust fund to help balance the budget.

2. A West Limestone High School student was arrested for threatening a classmate and bringing a plastic gun to school. Investigators say the 13 year old told a classmate he was going to shoot another student. He's now facing a criminal charge and expulsion.

3. A trial date is now set for a lawsuit filed by Alabama A&M against the Alabama A&M Research Institute. The university is worried the institute's actions could jeopardize A&M's accreditation.

4. Alabama is the 6th fattest state in the nation according to the trust for America's Health which found 32 percent of residents are obese. Mississippi came in first.

5. A new study indicates a lack of sleep is linked to obesity. Canadian researchers referenced several studies that found sleep deprived people hold onto fat tissue and lose muscle.

6. Mitt Romney is making no apologies for comments made "off the cuff" claiming the majority of President Obama's supporters are dependent on government. He says those comments could have been said in a more effective way.

7. A community college professor in Florida is accused of making her students sign a pledge to vote for President Obama. One students says he signed the political pledge for fear of getting a failing grade.

8. A Georgia girl got her tongue stuck in a water bottle. Doctors punched holes in the metal container and hospital maintenance was called in to cut the bottom off. She was finally put to sleep so they could tear it off her tongue.

9. A Great Dane in Michigan was named world's tallest dog. Zeus is 44 inches tall at the shoulder and over 7 feet tall standing on his hind legs.

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