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Top 9@9 for September 12, 2012

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1. Freshman will be required to live on campus at UNA starting in 2014. School leaders say students who live on campus perform better and have a greater likelihood of graduating.

2. An anonymous donor is offering five thousand dollars to find the person responsible for a Rainsville shooting that left two men injured. Several business are collecting donations to help the victims pay medical bills.

3. A Jewelry thief was caught on camera in Rainsville. The crook broke into the Pruett Jewelry store on Main St. Monday night and took off with a handful of jewelry.

4. The US is sending in around 50 marines to reinforce security in Libya after US ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed during an attack at the US embassy. The mob was angry over a US produced film that ridiculed Islam's prophet Muhammad.

5. On the heels of a US ambassador's death, a group of Palestinians are now showing their outrage with America by burning flags and chanting death to America. The demonstration is in protest to the American film about Muhammad.

6. Apple released the worst kept tech secret in recent memory. The new iPhone 5 boasts a larger screen, longer battery life, and is 4G capable. Pre-orders begin Friday.

7. Dramatic video from Wyoming shows a raging wildfire forcing people to flee their homes. Hundreds of firefighters were on the scene for the blaze that has already destroyed seven homes.

8. Intense thunderstorms in Las Vegas poured four feet of water into store fronts.

9. A pair of suspects fleeing police in Los Angeles threw cash out of the windows of their SUV prompting passerby's to run into the street. The police arrested at least two men when the fleeing vehicle got stuck behind traffic.

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