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Tombstones Damaged at Albertville Cemetery

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Police in Albertville are looking for vandals who destroyed dozens of tombstones at a cemetery. Early Sunday morning vandals desecrated 50 head stones in different parts of Memory Hill cemetery.

Caroline Norris is outraged. The Albertville resident wants the people responsible for knocking over the tombstones, where many of her loved ones are buried, brought to justice. Norris visited her relatives graves to make sure everything was ok. "My grandmother and grandfather are buried here. And I was glad to see that nobody bothered their grave. And this is just very sad" Norris said.

Authorities say the vandals also stole some of the tombstones. Because of the crime, dozens of people visited the cemetery Wednesday morning to check for damages. Peggy Shell was among that group of concerned residents. "I can't imagine why anybody could do such a terrible thing," she says.

Workers at the cemetery have repaired at least thirty of the damaged headstones. Many of the vandalized tombstones were more than 100 years old.

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