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Top 9@9 for September 5, 2012

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1. Dozens of tombstones were knocked over in Albertville. Many families are outraged by the incident. Police are looking for the vandals.

2. A new campaign headquarters is up and running in Hartselle for a movement to make alcohol sales legal. The "Vote Yes" Campaign opened the new facility to make a push for the November 6th vote.

3. A groundbreaking ceremony took place Wednesday morning marking the beginning of work on an addition to the arsenal's Von Braun Complex. The $59 million facility will house 850 missile defense agency employees.

4. The Mighty Eagle was on display in the Rocket City as engineers showed off the NASA prototype designed to think on its own thousands of miles away in space.

5. Apple's next big news conference is scheduled for September 12th in San Francisco. If you look closely at the shadow cast from the 12, you can see the number five, hinting the news will include the unveiling of the iPhone 5.

6. Nokia is launching its new flagship phone. The Lumia 920, which runs Windows Phone 8, features a brand new camera and can charge without being plugged in.

7. President Obama's big speech, accepting his party's nomination, is being moved indoors due the possibility of severe weather. Former President Bill Clinton took the stage Wednesday night at the Democratic National convention in the slot usually reserved for the vice presidential running mate.

8. Peyton Manning's number 18 football jersey is banned from some Colorado schools. The district says 18 is a gang number and is banned inside the classroom.

9. Men and women actually do see things differently according to a new study. Researchers say the minds of men seem to be more sensitive to fine detail and things that move rapidly, while women are apparently better at differentiating between colors.

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