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Top 9@9 for September 4, 2012

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1. An Arab property owner is fighting the city's plan to tear down his downtown building. Neighboring businesses call the property a nuisance.

2. A snapped power pole in Boaz caused quite a stir. A motorist hit the pole when he lost control of his vehicle, knocking out power to customers in the area including the police department.

3. In Decatur. a man was arrested for exposing himself to a group of juveniles. The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement was called in because Omar Ali is a Somali native.

4. A speech from first lady Michelle Obama kicked off the three day democratic national convention. Democrats will re-nominate President Obama on Wednesday.

5. 46.7 million Americans are receiving food stamps. That's a record high. That's up four percent, coinciding with a national unemployment rate above eight percent.

6. A former Navy Seal is battling the government and possibly Al Qaeda. His book, "No Easy Day", tells the first hand account of the military raid that killed Usama Bin Laden. The pentagon is threatening legal action for an alleged violation of non-disclosure.

7. Parts of Louisiana are still struggling with flooding due to Isaac. Along with high water, residents are battling snakes and alligators.

8. A Utah man is recovering after being stuck in a pipe for four days. He broke his leg while trying to take a short cut through the pipe. He used his shoelace and a piece of driftwood to form a splint and painfully crawled to safety.

9. Your addiction to email and web surfing could be a genetic disorder according to a new study. German researchers concluded that web addicts are likely to have the same genetic mutation linked to nicotine addiction.

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