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Report on New Laptops for Huntsville Schools

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From textbooks to laptops, the transition has not been perfect for the Huntsville School system. School board member Dr. Jennie Robinson says parents have come to her with questions and complaints.

"It can take as much as five minutes for a text book to load, is that average or is that unusual?" Robinson asked of the Pearson representatives who attended the board meeting Tuesday. The company was chosen to implement the new technology and the reps were there to brief the board on the status of the digital transition. They say load times vary greatly based on the strength of the Internet signal in each home.

Other problems have popped up during the first three weeks of school.  In fact, Pearson reports more than 700 phone calls the first week of school.  The company says the calls have steadily dropped.

"Sometimes it's just, ‘Ok I clicked this button and nothing happened, what can I do about that?'" said Technical Engineer Chuck Dexter.

Pearson personnel are on every campus in Huntsville to answer questions. But, sometimes problems arise after the school doors close for the day. For that, Pearson has developed a website; provides helpful links and answers to most questions.

"We have built it out to where they have access to all the Pearson digital curriculum programs as well as tutorials, how to guides--questions and answers are all available," explained Dr. Mark Jamison, Pearson's Technology Implementation Manager.

The site is available to students, teachers, and parents around the clock.

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