On the Wall at Auburn University

[image] Front Row Left to Right: Chase Gallimore, John Mitchell, Matt Self

If you're an Alabama fan, you may want to skip on to the next post, but I make no apologies for my allegiance to Auburn University. I graduated from Auburn with a degree in Communications and I am proud supporter of the Tigers.

While I was in school, I attended most every football game including a trip to Los Angeles my sophomore year to watch Auburn take on USC.

The most memorable football game I attended as a student was the 2004 SEC Championship when Auburn defeated Tennessee 38-28 in the Georgia Dome. I was working with the on-campus student-run news station, Eagle Eye News at the time as the sports anchor/director. Throughout that perfect season, I had the opportunity to film the games from the sidelines. And, that is exactly where I was when Auburn won the SEC Championship that year and went on to beat Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl.

Throughout my time at Auburn, I also was a frequent visitor to Beard Eves Memorial Coliseum, where Auburn played its basketball games.

After an exciting run to the Sweet 16 my freshman year, the Auburn hoops squad put up a couple of disappointing season. I got a little down on the team for a year or so until a couple of my roommates encouraged me to get back in the routine and support my tigers even in the difficult times.

It was then when I, along with John Mitchell and Matt Self, became one of the loudest supporters of the basketball team. We would show up early, sit on the front row, and do all we could to root on our team. That is how I ended up on the wall of the Coliseum.

The picture you see above is from one of the entrances to the court deep inside the Coliseum. The bad news is, it will not be up for long. A couple of years ago, Auburn built a brand new arena and has already begun tearing down Beard Eaves.

But for now, you can still find me on the wall at Auburn University.


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