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Finding shoes to inspire confidence and comfort

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(ARA) - It's no secret that shoes can either make or break an outfit. But can uncomfortable shoes also affect your confidence?

According to a recent study, 94 percent of women say they feel good when their feet feel good. Stacy London, style expert and host of TLC's "What Not To Wear," has partnered up with the makers of Dr. Scholl's For Her. She agrees that when it comes to shoes - women can look good and feel good at the same time.

"As a stylist, I know that finding a balance between fashion and comfort can sometimes be tricky. And chances are that most women have experienced "Fabulitis" - the discomfort caused by the decision to wear uncomfortable, yet fabulous shoes," says London. "That's why I use Dr. Scholl's For Her insoles - because I can wear the shoes I want and feel comfortable doing it."

Helping women get back on their feet

One of the most inconvenient times for women to face "Fabulitis" is during a job interview, especially since the right shoes are an essential component to feeling comfortable and confident. That's why the makers of Dr. Scholl's For Her are launching an interactive campaign to support Dress for Success Worldwide, a nonprofit organization that offers professional attire, a network of support and career development tools to women entering the workforce. The program will help empower women by contributing confidence-inspiring footwear and insoles to keep them comfortable while interviewing for jobs.

Stacy London's interview wardrobe tips
London shares her tips for achieving fashion, comfort and confidence when tackling a job interview:

Comfort is key: Such a big part of achieving success is feeling comfortable in your own skin - and shoes for that matter. Go for heels and add a Dr. Scholl's for Her insole for comfort.

Suit up: Suits (pant or skirt) are always appropriate. Pair suits with more feminine, colorful or textured tops to add flair.

Must-haves: Every woman should have a comfortable closed-toe heel for suiting and separates, a pencil or simple A-line skirt and a suit.

Walk the talk: Choose clothes and shoes that look and feel good for your body type, stand up tall and show your style with confidence.

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